What can we do about a blocked RFC?


Hi !

I am the author of an RFC which propose to add a new method to the slice primitive type.

But the community did not agree on the name, we talked a lot and many great arguments were thrown about keeping the original method name. Now it has been from the 22 of june that the RFC doesn’t have any activity, this is very frustrating.

Even the Pull Request was made.

What can I do to make it move forward ? I already ping some people from the Rust lib team.


It’s possible the team is currently overwhelmed with preparation for the 2018 edition? I can only speculate; I was hoping one of them would respond first, but since they haven’t I didn’t want to let this fall through the cracks just yet.

I’ll be “that guy” and ping @alexcrichton in addition to those already pinged.


Honestly, I think it got caught up in bikeshedding that made the next steps not obvious.

I’ve nominated the issue for the next libs team meeting, in the hopes of un-sticking it.


So when does the next libs team meeting occurs ?