Welcome Mazdak Farrokhzad (Centril) to the language team!

The language team officially welcomes Mazdak Farrokhzad (@centril) as a full member!

In their role as a lang team shepherd, Centril has done incredible work triaging and coordinating language team issues, RFCs, and the 2018 edition, in addition to developing and contributing numerous RFCs of their own. Centril regularly coordinates lang team meetings and keeps them on track, focusing on what we need to accomplish next. They’ve demonstrated consistently good judgment, good taste, and a breadth of generality on language design.

And most importantly, they have demonstrated the invaluable quality of being able to have a detailed, productive, amicable discussion regardless of agreement or disagreement, introspectively exploring the nature of any disagreements, remaining genuinely open to changing their mind, and striving to reach a consensus that may be better than what any one person originally had in mind.

We’re thrilled to have Centril on the team; please join us in welcoming them! :tada:


Welcome Centril! :tada: :rainbow: :ping_pong: – ok the last one is a weird emoji choice.



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I, for one, always appreciate the intelligent, informative, and courteous insights that Centril consistently gives on the forums. Thanks @centril.


Great news, I’ve been impressed by @Centril 's thoughtful contributions!


Thanks much everyone! :heart_eyes_cat:

Is that a pingisracket? :thinking:


It says :ping_pong: when I mouse over it.

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If a pingisracket is a table tennis racket, yes.

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Congrats! Great to have someone so conscientious and dedicated to the RFC process on the team.

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