Unsafe Code Guidelines Meetings


This thread will track the meetings for Unsafe Code Guidelines effort. These meetings are purely administrative – they are used to decide our overall agenda but aren’t meant to have much technical content per se. The meetings are currently held on Zulip and are publicly accessible, so you can simply click over to view the minutes.

For each meeting, we’ll add a post in this thread with a link to the topic, along with a summary of the key topics discussed.



Zulip topic

We discussed this proposal to discuss representation invariants. The conclusion was that the proposal is too broad: we should exclude “validity invariants” and focus purely on representation questions. The decision is to factor the invariant content out and merge the remaining questions, opening appropriate issues. Hopefully this is a good “starter topic”!


OK, I have created a number of issues relating to data structure representation. I tried to seed the issues with interesting questions, but please feel free to add more!

I’ve been wondering how we are going to go from “questions” to “written text” — I guess I’m imagining we’ll spend some time first trying to suss out the questions and answers and then maybe try to gell and assign people to writing up consensus results etc.


Summary here.

Yay we’re officially (re)launched!


Meeting 1 notes