Triage digest: Tue Jul 28 2015


Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Any old type of constant can be used in a pattern (#20489)

Wrong size passed to free in run-pass test (yielding jemalloc assert fail) (#27023)

'missing lifetime specifier' regression in protobuf-1.0.1 (#27248)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Beta-nominated issues

[Fix for #26016] In the docs js: support keyboard events for non-english keyboard layouts (#26675, closed)

Feature-gate #[prelude_import]. (#26699, closed)

Make associated type defaults closer to the spec (#26728, closed)

Fix stability attribute typo. (#27069, closed)

Remaining issues

Stable regression in nightly (#26952)

  • Added P-high. By @nikomatsakis

    triage: P-high -- it's a regression

repr(packed) allows invalid unaligned loads (#27060)

  • Added P-high. By @nikomatsakis

    triage: P-high

Inconsistent escaping of special characters between &str and &OsStr with Debug (#27211)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

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There are several beta nominations here and 1.2 release is scheduled for next week, 8/6. Please resolve these nominations this week.

cc @nrc @aturon @acrichto.