Triage digest: Wed Sep 16 2015


Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Two different versions of a crate interacting leads to unhelpful error messages (#22750)

Primitive binops are translated wrong when the LHS is mutated (#27054)

'missing lifetime specifier' regression in protobuf-1.0.1 (#27248)

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Allow where clauses involving types which don't include a type parameter. (#27972)

Generic type defaults should not be allowed if they don’t satisfy type constraints (#28024)

no_debug and omit_gdb_pretty_printer_sections attributes exist and are ungated (#28091)

Settle execution order uncertainty for `+=` (#28160)

functions implement Copy but not Clone (#28229)

Open tracking issues for all language features (#28244)

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    triage: I-nominated.

    This has been very helpful for library features: promoting discussion, and allows people to track progress, so it’d be great to utilize properly for language ones too.

Rules governing references to private types in public APIs not enforced in impls (#28325)

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Beta-nominated issues

Fixed regression in associated item resolution (#28395, closed)

Remaining issues

[Nightly 1.4.0-4f33e43cb 2015-08-05] Compiler panic when mis-using Zero trait (#27591)

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`use` of unstable function is not gated in import list (#28075)

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Crates failing on beta (#28446)

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