Triage digest: Thu Oct 29 2015

Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Collisions in type_id (#10389)

Use different numbers of `#`s when expanding documentation comments (#27499)

Tracking issue for `read_exact` (RFC #980) (#27585)

Allow where clauses involving types which don't include a type parameter. (#27972)

unsafe const fn declaration order (#29107)

Type inference regression with zipped iterators (#29278)

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Add a numeric ID to threads (#29448)

Beta-nominated issues

Remove contraction from region inference (#29188, closed)

Remaining issues

Method lookup goes down the auto-deref rabbit hole when it doesn't need to (#19509)

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    triage: P-low

    We discussed this in the @rust-lang/lang meeting some today. General conclusion was that if we can in fact detect a cycle, that is probably OK. It’s worth pointing out there is some code in trait matching that aims to detect similar cycles – it does have some problems around regions though – but also that we can probably ignore regions for the purposes of establishing these cycles. This may take a bit of investigation. However, basically if we DO detect cycles the proper way (not merely by exceeding the recursion limit), then it seems ok to permit cutting off the method call candidate search there.

    Classifying as low priority because while this use case would be nice to support, it’s not urgent.

Trait bounds on struct type parameters aren't always enforced (depending on the order of impls) (#21837)

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    Looks like this is already fixed by RFC 1214, as @arielb1 reports.

dropck can be bypassed via a trait object method (#26656)

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Nonparametric dropck (tracking issue for RFC 1238) (#28498)

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stdlib Path has inconsistent normalisation behaviour (#29008)

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Lifetime bounds in Copy impls are ignored (#29149)

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ICE in ensure_public (#29161)

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