Triage digest: Mon Dec 14 2015


Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Replace stack overflow checking with stack probes (#16012)

Cannot infer closure type with higher-ranked lifetimes inside Box::new (#20841)

Segfault in safe code on Rust nightly when running rustc --emit=asm,link (#26235)

Tracking Issue for RFC 213: Default Type Parameter Fallback (#27336)

Tracking issue for `Zero`/`One`/`iter_arith` stabilization (#27739)

  • Added I-nominated. By @sfackler

ICE : ty_is_local invoked on unexpected type: [type error] (#29857)

Missing drop in FnOnce adapter for closures (#29946)

Link with by default (#29974)

Style changes to compiler messages (#29989)

  • Added I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

    triage: I-nominated

    Nominating for discussion at compiler team meeting.

    (Basically, even if I reviewed this patch and were 100% happy with its effects, I would not feel comfortable introducing these changes without first discussing with the rest of the compiler team.)

fs::metadata - Value too large for defined data type (#30050)

Regression in type parameter defaults in types and impls (#30123)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Desugared x.index(y) is not equivalent to x[y] (#30127)

Trait selection caching does not handle subtyping properly (#30225)

Thread locals do not guard against recursive initialization. (#30228)

".".parse() returns Ok(0.0) (#30344)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

    triage: I-nominated

Re-add raw_pointer_derive lint as a no-op (#30346)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Beta-nominated issues

Small fixes for 1.6 docs (#30293, closed)

Remaining issues

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