Triage digest: Mon Jan 25 2016


Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Tracking Issue for RFC 213: Default Type Parameter Fallback (#27336)

Tracking issue for `cell_extras` stabilization (#27746)

  • Added I-nominated. By @aturon

Tracking issue for make_ascii_{upper,lower}case (#27809)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

Tracking issue for `braced_empty_structs` (RFC 218) (#29720)

Warn must_use in tuple (#29815)

Move Duration to libcore (and remove deprecated Duration::span) (#30594)

Nightly does not work on some Debian Wheezy because gcc doesn't support gold. (#30783)

Linking with gold does not search /usr/local/lib (#30784)

Don't make atomic loads and stores volatile (#30962)

DragonflyBSD build is broken (#31009)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

rustc wrongly reports conflicting trait implementations (#31115)

In cross-compiled i686->x86_64 code, thread::spawn crashes on my system (#31139)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

    triage: I-nominated

Resolve: stop requiring `use` and `extern crate` declarations to precede statements in blocks (#31144)

Linking regression in 1.6 (#31150)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Windows linker regression in 1.6 (#31151)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Massive compiler perf regression (#31157)

  • Added I-nominated. By @sfackler

Allow enum variants to be used through a type alias of the enum (#31179)

Beta-nominated issues

std: Stabilize custom hasher support in HashMap (#31081, open)

1.7 release notes (#31099, open)

mk: Move from `-D warnings` to `#![deny(warnings)]` (#31120, open)

implement RFC amendment 1462 (add `[` to FOLLOW(ty)) (#31152, open)

Remaining issues

std::io::Take should have into_inner() method (#23755)

  • Added P-medium. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-medium

    @sfackler indicated that he was interested in making a PR for this and limiting it to the I/O adaptors for now.

Box::from(&str) -> Box regression (#30634)

  • Added beta-nominated. By @brson
  • Removed beta-nominated. By @brson

librustc_trans: function parameters should be annotated with zeroext/signext (#30841)

  • Added I-nominated. By @Aatch
  • Added P-medium. By @nikomatsakis

    triage: P-medium

    Good catch reporting this bug! This should definitely be fixed, but PowerPC is not a “tier 1” platform, so it’s not a high priority (drop everything) sort of bug.

Undocumented panics in std::process on unix for strings with interior nuls (#30858)

  • Added P-medium. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-medium

    The libs team discussed this in triage yesterday and the conclusion was that the defer-the-error strategy is fine for Command. We discussed briefly that this may be altering the contract of Command (e.g. changing panics to results), but the Result behavior seems more consistent with the std::fs APIs.

BufWriter is not panic-safe (#30888)

  • Added P-medium. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-medium

    @sfackler is fixing the data corruption in #31068

Compilation error in Rust 1.6 stable (#31118)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

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