Triage digest: Mon Jul 06 2015


Nominated (I-nominated) issues

Very confusing error on attempt to pass `path::Path` by value (#23286)

Rust 1.0.0 tarball does not have proper permissions on directories. (#25479)

Add macro lifetime specifier (#25509)

Do not allow a module and tuple struct of the same name to coexist. (#26421)

dropck can be bypassed via a trait object method (#26656)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

    triage: I-nominated

fs::create_dir_all fails for directory junctions on Windows (#26716)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

In macros, expr followed by { is buggy (#26739)

  • Added I-nominated. By @huonw

The .msi installer freezes if you try to overwrite an existing Rust installation (#26758)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Rust .msi installer ignores current install (#26765)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

'pub extern crate' is accepted and behaves badly (#26775)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

Beta-nominated issues

Implement better object defaults (RFC #1156) (#26370, closed)

Initial documentation for 1.2.0 (#26579, closed)

Some 1.2 relnotes (#26613, open)

[Fix for #26016] In the docs js: support keyboard events for non-english keyboard layouts (#26675, closed)

std: Fix formatting flags for chars (#26698, closed)

Feature-gate #[prelude_import]. (#26699, open)

Remaining issues

Remove char::to_titlecase? (#26555)

  • Added I-needs-decision. By @brson

Formatting of chars with fixed width was broken? (#26625)

  • Added I-nominated. By @alexcrichton
  • Added P-high. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-high

    We’re also likely to backport the fix to beta. Note that this is not broken on 1.1.0 stable but it is broken on 1.2.0.

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