Tracking ecosystem status issues

Recently noloader tried to build geckodriver from source on the latest Raspbian running on Raspberry Pi. They couldn’t do so, because the current latest Raspbian is based on Debian stretch which includes Cargo that is too old.

noloader filed geckodriver issue and got told it is a Cargo issue. noloader filed Cargo issue and got told Cargo is too old. noloader filed Debian issue and got told Debian does not update the stable release with new versions. Basically all issues noloader filed is either closed or marked wontfix now. On the other hand, to quote noloader, “it is still broken in the field, what happens in the future is of no use to users now”, which is quite correct.

While I think the issue doesn’t fit in all of geckodriver, Cargo, Debian issue tracker, I think the issue should be tracked somewhere. The issue is present. Maybe users with the same need can collaborate on fork of geckodriver than can be built on old Cargo and the current latest Raspbian? I don’t know. But some harsh words were spoken which got moderated, and frustration is understandable.

Where should be issues like this tracked?


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