Rust on FreeBSD


Information about the progress and the issues of porting to FreeBSD doesn’t seem to be readily available so I’m going to email some people who have been working on that and ask them to chime in.

Currently Rust 1.0.0 is available in the ports collection (I’m not aware of the reason it doesn’t build on FreeBSD 9). Cargo is not.



I’ve just started playing around with Rust, and my first little project is to write a tool that bootstraps Cargo without requiring Cargo. It doesn’t quite work yet (I think I need a few more --cfg arguments somewhere), and once it does it will need to grow a bit more explicit about revisions, but I’m starting to have fun!


dhuseby/cargo-bootstrap might be of interest too.


I think this is a shared problem across downstream packagers, and we really should push this as an upstream issue.

This is at least the fourth attempt I see at bypassing the cargo-bootstrap-cargo issue, yet the corresponding bug don’t have any reactions from core team:

Can we maybe try to agree here or there on a common solution (cargo-bootstrap looks minimal and great to me), and then open a PR to rust-lang/cargo for that?


A snippet from the tools subteam report: