This weeks triaged items

Each week we have a triage meeting to discuss prioritising important issues. In particular, which issues block 1.0 or the 1.0 beta. Some triaging of this kind of issue is done during the week. The agenda in this meeting is mostly set from the traige digest email, sent just before the meeting which covers the issues nominated for discussion at the meeting and issues which have had their priorities changed in the previous week. The digest email and setting priorities during the week parts of this are all new and experimental. If people are interested, this weeks digest email can be viewed at . If you would like to subscribe to the email, just let me know, but I will be posting it here each week (hopefully automatically). Note that there are a few testing/bug fix type things in that email that you should ignore :smile:

(BTW, anyone know if I can post HTML (rather than markdown) directly to discuss?)

Markdown supports a subset of inline html, e.g. this is all written in HTML. (I don't know of a good reference to see what tags are supported, but many text and heading ones definitely are.)

thanks, I expect the triage email should work then - it only uses h, a, and li/ul tags - they all have obvious markdown equivalents, so I hope they work.

The link always returns 503 for me…

Should be fixed now. Been having a few teething troubles… (You might need to ctrl+F5 a few times to actually make it work, I’m not sure why).

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