The impl period newsletter #2

The impl period

Two weeks ago, the “impl period” formally launched, and now has 37 working groups, with more to come! There’s a global Gitter channel (with IRC bridge), and dedicated channels for each working group.

This effort is intended for people with all experience levels and interests — there really is something for everyone, and the WG leads are putting a ton of work into mentoring. If you’re not sure what working group is right for you, drop by the main chatroom and introduce yourself, and we’ll help you find your way!


We’ve had a steady stream of people joining up and finding their way to the various channels; welcome all! At this point most of the working groups are seeing sustained activity, especially around the compiler and libs work. The bindgen group has resulted in a new reviewer! And some early work is under way setting up policy for an expanded cookbook effort.

We also had our first impl days at RustFest; see below for more details!

Where help is most needed

  • WG-cargo-native
  • WG-infra-crater (Gitter channel is very lonely :spider_web:️)
  • WG-infra-perf


Projects acrichto saw during rustfest

  • @japaric worked on fixing embedded compilation on nightly, realized that codegen units broke it
  • @jamesmunns worked on adding adding atomics to the armv5te target
  • @oli-obk worked on integrating miri into rustc for const evaluation
  • @alexcrichton (and many others!) built a Death Star
  • @dpc worked on adding support for separating the namespace of optional dependencies and features in Cargo
  • @cswindle worked on alternate registry support in Cargo
  • @dns2utf8 worked on thread::set_name and how to rationalize it with Thread::name
  • @SimonSapin worked on making cargo publish produce a deterministic manifest
  • @fgilcher worked on reading changes through libgit2 to get a history of commits
  • @JoshTriplett and @alexcrichton figured out a reasonable path forward for proposing an RFC for “cargo metabuild”



  • @AdamNiederer helped bind more AVX intrinsics as well as add tests for existing ones
  • @BurntSushi refactored the library to make all intrinsics unsafe (as specified in the RFC)
  • @gnzlbg helped fix up some tests for ARM intrinsics
  • @p32blo helped add a number of AVX intrinsics as well explore some bugs in intrinsics as well
  • @dlrobertson added bindings for more SSE4.2 string intrinsics
  • @pythoneer joined the fun of adding intrinsics by binding _mm_cvtpd_epi32
  • @gwenn helped bind more ssse3 intrinsics and explore existing bugs in SIMD intrinsics





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There must have been some mistake because I was never helping with “separating the namespace of optional dependencies and features in Cargo”. (I am so sorry! I totally would, if I could. :slight_smile: )

Now you have too! :wink:


hey @aturon thanks for the shoutout but it seems that on both this newsletter and the last one my username was spelled aelos instead of aeleos. No rush in fixing it, and I appreciated the shoutout

That’s my bad – sorry!

Pretty sure you meant @djc here!

So you are the hero I wish I was! :slight_smile:


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