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What's the rationale behind limiting the asking of questions to specific timeframes? Personally, I don't mind seeing answers to questions posted only at specific timeframes, i.e. having to wait for them.

Random Thought

Did it cross your mind, that we're able to set up a cronjob and program to post questions at the aforementioned times, without us being physically present? The community consists of developers. Limited timeframes don't really mean anything to us.

We're able to actively triage questions as they come in during these periods, and work together to draft an answer that can hopefully be posted quickly. The foundation is a tricky topic and just leaving the repo open 24/7 with no active monitoring would be far trickier to handle.

Sure, you are able to set up a cron job to post the answer, the point of the restriction is not to force community members to be actively online at the time, it is so that parts of the core team can be actively online, monitoring the repository, and drafting answers.


Personally speaking, as someone answering those questions, I'm enjoying this process a lot. In my book, it's a good idea as it introduces focus from the answer side. Indeed, I enjoyed last days Q&A so much that I stayed up until almost 3am.

I know that 24/7 accessibility is usually the default, but it also comes with some drawbacks, especially on the "consumers" side. FWIW, if I have the time, I would love to write down the experiences from this process after its done.


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