Tell new users about code block syntax?

Is it possible to configure Discourse somehow to tell new users to wrap code in a ``` block?

I see newcommers on URLO paste their code unformatted, which makes an unreadable markdown salad, so their first interaction with the community is being told to fix their formatting, rather than getting a solution to the problem they have.


Also please instruct for languages other than Rust. Two recent posts contained HTML, JS and Rust and needed distinct code blocks for all three. It gets tiring to post in each thread when the formatting instructions could be linked in the forum header.


Discourse seems to have quite a few "hint" mechanisms, such as telling a user they might be replying too often in a thread, or telling a user they might want to look for a similar topic and see if it duplicates the one they're about to post.

We could potentially add a hint that looks for common code patterns and suggests code block syntax.


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