Discourse bug with text in between fenced code blocks


I think I have found a bug in Discourse:

// here is fenced code block 1

in this paragraph, in between two fenced code blocks, formatting doesn't work.

// here is fenced code block 2


And two consecutive inline code blocks remove spaces around subsequent blocks.


I think this belongs on https://meta.discourse.org/?


While the Discourse Discourse is pretty hectic, I found this topic for the inline code blocks


Is this a recent regression? I don’t recall this being a problem before, but I just ran into it today.


This seems to be working with our updated Markdown engine, so this should be resolved within a few weeks when we roll this out everywhere.


Which of the two issues described in this thread are corrected? Markup not being rendered in paragraphs in between fenced code blocks, or whitespace disappearing after two consecutive inline code blocks, or both?


It’s a completely different engine with its own set of bugs. So probably both.


Yes, both are fixed in the new engine.