Team meeting videos beyond libz blitz?


I watched through the libs team meeting videos for the libz blitz and really enjoy hearing these discussions! I’d love to see more, but it looks like aside from the blitz, videos generally aren’t published.

I wonder, what’s special about these meetings that prompted them to be made public? And could this be done more often?



I’m glad you’ve found the recordings useful.

The reason I wanted these videos to be public is because the matter of ‘blessing’ crates is very contentious, so I wanted the process to be as transparent as possible.

The libs team is actually one of the few teams that still conducts their meetings over video instead of irc (And personally I like video meetings much more than irc meetings). So in theory most teams meetings are accessible via irc logs. Some teams post minutes on this forum.

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Oh in response to your last question, publishing meeting videos could be done more. It just requires some logistics and consent of the teams. Sometimes teams desire privacy because it allows them to speak freely in ways that are not possible in public meetings. The core team for example would likely not want their meetings public because they often discuss matters that are not yet public.

In general we could be much better at organizing and publicising the output of team meetings. This has been a consistent difficulty throughout the life of the rust project.



I’d imagine it would be easy to write an IRC bot that could take a simple !meeting start and !meeting end and have it post it on a gist of some kind.

There wouldn’t be any minutes but at least a searchable log. I couldn’t find the logs for the last #rust-core meeting for instance. I was curious about the discussion for the stability of the -Z args

Edit:. I just now saw your statement about the desire for private conversations



For the Community team meeting we kinda have that (though not fully automated yet). Our bot keeps posting the agenda and the start point of the meeting and eventually it will collect the logs (right now that part is manual and we were a bit more sloppy the last few meetings). Minutes are collected in our repository.



There already exists an IRC bot for handling meetings, that is used by (at least) the Debian, Fedora, OpenStack and Wikimedia communities for running meetings.


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