Taking drastic measures, importing dependencies and patching them

I just wanted to say, regrettably, this is the solution I've taken.

Looking at ash-tray, a helper wrapper around ash(from git master) and winit. When adding imgui I discovered that I could use the preexisting vkr-imgui. I needed to patch vkr to support the loading of ash primitives.

Ash-tray uses submodules and scripts to bring in usable versions of other crates. I couldn't find another way.

Of particular note is that the root of the crate in both ash and vkr is not the same as the base of the git tree and currently cargo doesn't support git subfolders.

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I have no idea what you're saying in this thread or what you're trying to show us. Let's start from a simpler place: what is the thing that you wish could work, that currently does not? (And what is the expected behavior?)

I don't know what you mean? For git dependencies, Cargo will search the repo for the correct Cargo.toml.

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There is a reason RalfJung wrote in another thread:

The internals forum is intended to discuss problems with, and proposed enhancements to, Rust's compiler and related tooling. Questions about using Rust belong in the Rust users forum.