Regression report stable-2016-03-03 vs. beta-2016-03-03


Full report.


So I looked at these.

  • net2-0.2.22
    • extern crate libc is private, and cannot be reexported (error E0364), consider declaring with pub, #[deny(private_in_public)] on by default
  • collenchyma
    • missing_copy_implementation etc
    • seems like various lints were improved, and they have #[deny] set to those lints
  • com-rs
    • type does not impl fmt::Debug
  • ruplicity
    • type could not implement Copy ?
  • mach / unicode_names
    • #[inline(never)] applied to static
    • #[repr(C)] applied not to struct or enum
    • both of these look like we fixed some bug somewhere, not sure what
  • mioqu-0.1.0
    • private type in public interface
    • did this used to be a warning and we moved it to error?
  • openal-0.2.1
    • “no matching package named openal-sys found (required by openal)”
  • tiled-0.1.4


Thanks @nikomatsakis!