Subteam reports 2015-11-06



A few recent events in community work:

  • There’s a new meetup in Barcelona!
  • A new IRC channel was created, #rust-beginners. While #rust is happy to answer beginner questions, not everyone knows that, and so a beginner-focused channel is helpful.
  • “Glacier” is a community project to track ICEs. In the past few weeks, 143 of 200 ICEs are now being tracked! More here:


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We decided this week to accept the incremental compilation RFC.


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This meeting was mostly devoted to triage and bit of discussion. We did decide to move RFC 1300 to *Final Comment Period; this is basically an attempt to document some of the existing intrinsic semantics (but not stabilize or finalize them).


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We spent essentially the entire meeting this week deciding on which unstable features to put into FCP for the 1.6 release cycle:


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This week saw a number of changes on Windows, including a slight change to the directory layout, building compiler-rt with MSVC, and no longer depending on libgcc on GNU builds. In other news rustdoc also no longer warns when documenting and the tools team in conjunction with the lang team have decided to move RFC 1296 into its final comment period.

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