Rust libz blitz!


Status update 2017-09-08

This update covers the period from 8/8 to 9/8.

Overall check-in

We’ve finished up the in-band evaluations for the libz blitz this year, but there are still many contribution opportunities for fixing issues raised in the various crates.

There are also still a number of out-of-band evaluations that need people to take on the lead. If you’d like to get on board with one of these just leave a comment here and we can help you get started.

There are a few larger pieces of on-going work to finalise:

  • RFC for the rand API overhaul
  • Issue for merging the tempfile and tempdir APIs

Work completed this cycle

Here’s what happened on crates since the last status report:









If I’ve missed anything out please let me know and I’ll add them to the list!


One contribution to the cookbook was left out :wink:

The last few weeks were quite dry in terms of the cookbook contribution. Mostly due to small number of example ideas (I haven’t had much free time lately). I would like to welcome everyone to contribute the ideas!


On somewhat related news. A new version of cookbook has been deployed incorporating some changes to the presentation that we’ve been working on in mdbook.

  • play button working with crates currently active in play.rlo - (thanks to @shepmaster all libz’blitz crates are available! :tada:)
  • several fixes in mobile browser usability
  • clipboard support

Please checkout the current state of affairs and give your thoughts!


I’ve kicked off a new evaluation for the semver crate. Please feel free to get on board and help evaluate it here :slight_smile:


Yesssssssssss thank you so much!


I’ve just started up the evaluation for the num_cpus crate. Check the topic here for more info. This is a nice small crate, perfect for new contributors as well as Rust veterans; great starting point for anyone wanting to get involved with the Rust community :slight_smile:


I’ve kicked off another one for mime here. Now that the topic is open if somebody else would like to take over leading it please just jump in and start driving it!


Examples and PRs for the chrono crate are welcome here! If there is anyone that has been interested in contributing to Rust but has been too intimidated to get started, these are some great newcomer starter issues!


I’ve added a new section to the working group document for callout issues. These are things we’d like to especially call out that are blockers or otherwise don’t fit into the format of the rest of the document.

It’d be great if people could jump on those :slight_smile:


@davidfutcher has opened up a tracking issue for num_cpus. There’s plenty of docs work to be done.

Thanks @davidfutcher and everyone who helped out in the evaluation :slight_smile:


I’ve opened some tracking issues for semver and semver_parser.

We still need some help with the guidelines checklist for mime. I’ll spend some time with it over the weekend but it’d be great to get some other eyes on it :slight_smile: