Rust libz blitz!


Hi @brson/@burntsushi … I would like to work on out-of-band evaluations - “regex”. Is it still open and anybody working on it ??

If its closed, could you please point me where can I involve/contribute.

Thanks, Rufus C Sharma


AFAIK, nobody is working on it. Note that regex has already gone through the RFC process, but more evaluations can’t hurt!


Thanks for the info @burntsushi


Discourse permissions strike again!

I’ve opened a tracking issue for the same-file evaluation, but can’t update the OP because it mentions more than 10 users.

Could somebody with super-permissions please add that link in to the same-file evaluation in the other evaluations list? :slight_smile:



All set, thanks!

I tried looking for a way to expand the permissions of the post (it is a wiki after all), but couldn’t see anything obvious. AFAIK, I have super duper powers, so maybe there isn’t a way!


Thanks for closing out the same-file evaluation @KodrAus.

I’ve done the same for error-chain, and added both to the op’s help wanted section.


I’ve also reviewed the state of the env_logger evaluation, trying to move it toward a close. There are a few questions about whether to expand its flexibility or not that need some feedback from the log maintainers before we move forward.


I removed some unimportant mentions so hopefully everybody can edit again.


I opened up the mio evaluation for two weeks from now.


Hi the cookbook repo has been moved to :tada:!

With rendered version available under and repo to

Please note that only some of the old links are still functional due to github redirects, so it’s a good moment to update your bookmarks :slight_smile:


The API Guidelines have also moved to


Status update 2017-08-08

This update covers the period from 7/14 to 8/8.

There are several ongoing evaluations:

Thanks to everyone who has been pushing these evaluations forward, and special thanks to @KodrAus and @dtolnay for their help coordinating the effort overall.

Next up is rayon, and a possible out-of-band evaluation for Diesel!

Overall check-in

We took some time to check in on how all of the evaluated crates are doing, and found that in general, things are in fantastic shape. Many crates are essentially complete and ready to cut a 1.0. Others need a final pass over documentation and cookbook examples, but are otherwise ready. Only a few still need significant work:

The libs team hopes to write up detailed contribution guides for the upcoming impl period.

Work completed this cycle

Here’s what happened on crates since the last status report:





Small correction: These were just rebased from work @jeremielate did :slight_smile:


Hi, please do not forget about the work done by rust-cookbook contributors :slight_smile:.

This was a fruitful period. Thanks to all involved!



Hi can anyone with rust-lang-nursery rights enable appveyor for rust-cookbook?

I’d like to add windows ci but being collaborator but not organization member makes me short on foo here :slight_smile:

Please note that enabling under rust-lang-libs instead of nursery domain will not work ok due to weird appveyor permissions making me unable to start builds (We’ve already tried that with Alex earlier this week :confused:)

EDIT: Already done thanks to @alexcrichton! :heart:


I’ve added a link to the tracking issue for env_logger and mio to the OP


Rayon is coming up for the meeting next week – are we as authors supposed to prepare anything? I thought that some external person is supposed to do a review beforehand, but I haven’t seen that.


Could we please get the topic for rayon turned into a wiki? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Gah oops, done now!


The Rayon in-person evaluation has now been done and there’s a tracking issue for rayon work items!