Regression report stable-2016-08-16 vs. beta-2016-09-21

  • From: stable-2016-08-16
  • To: beta-2016-09-21


  • 6263 crates tested: 4112 working / 1826 broken / 17 regressed / 5 fixed / 303 unknown.


  • There are 14 root regressions
  • There are 17 regressions

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full report.

I’ve only looked through a few so far but they looked legit. This release is scheduled to go out next Thursday.

Most of them have to do with as_ref+String fallout. The odd one is nanomsg-sys, which is an ICE - not sure if it has been reported so far.

  • “failed to read X/Cargo.toml” - slog, vnrc, hal, pmem
  • ICE - nanomsg-sys
  • “type annotations required: cannot resolve” - gluon, zmtp, carp, crowbook, bins, aluminum
  • “the lifetime parameter 'a is not constrained by the impl trait, self type, or predicates” - colerr
  • rustc overflowed stack! - pentry, boiler

gluon is fixed in git.

@eddyb what is the deal with as_ref + String?

Explained in issue Lint against using generic conversion traits when concrete methods are available

@bluss Do you know which change broke as_ref + String?

I thought it was new From impl for String

Yes, and reported and subsequently closed.

zmtp at least doesn’t look like the same type inference error: "type annotations required: cannot resolve std::borrow::Cow<'_, str>: std::borrow::Borrow<_>"

The “failed to read X/Cargo.toml” errors are false positives due to crater’s inability to munge Cargo.toml workspaces usefully. This could become problematic for crater’s continued usefulness.

I can’t repro the nanomsg-sys ICE.

OK, so here’s a new summary:

I can’t even repro the stack overflows inside of a container using crater’s docker image :frowning:

I’ve started a crater run to test the impact of reverting

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