Regression report stable-2015-12-10 vs. beta-2015-12-10

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full report.

accumulator and memory_map are because of the removal of raw_pointer_derive. syncbox is from deprecation of wait_timeout_ms; it has deny(warnings).

So it looks good, though IMO we might add the raw_pointer_derive lint back as a no-op.

I should note though that the last report on this branch (this was nightly then) had several regressions that are no longer reported. They should still be investigated.

I thought this was the policy? Isn’t that what we do for feature flags at the very least?

@sfackler I thought it was too. Bug report about raw_pointer_derive:

There are I think 4 known cases of breakage from removing raw_pointer_derive.

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