[RE-POST] Project guideline standard

This is a re-posted topic from the users forum that got no engagement (maybe for being an irrelevant topic or for being seeing by the correct target public). Since there is the possibility of it to create an useful discussion, I am bringing it here.

Hey everyone! How are you doing?

There is some really interesting code organization tips on Rust Book about separating responsibilities into different files for a binary and library crate.

As the good book says:

[...] the Rust community has developed a process to use as a guideline for splitting the separate concerns of a binary program when main starts getting large [...]

It is possible I did not search with the right words, but I only found this guideline at the book. So I wonder if there is a place standardizing the best practices for a given project code structure that Rust community agree upon, and not being only syntax-wise.

It think it would be nice to have guidelines references for developing clean and straightforward projects that don`t need to be refactored.

What do you think? Does anyone knows if there is already an initiative of standardizing a design pattern for Rust projects?