Prompting the team for potential deprioritisation

Hi I'm not sure if there's a proper channel for this.

Today there's been a 10+ hours queue backlog, mostly caused by some large projects publishing their entire monorepo at once. Many of these crates don't actually contain useful documentation (and arguably some look like internal crates that shouldn't have been published, but that's auxiliary).

Overall, at 01:00 UTC I surveyed the queue and found that out of 176 crates in the queue, seven publishers were responsible for 100 of them! There was exactly one deprioritised crate in the queue, a google-api- crate.

Here's a mini spreadsheet because we all love data


I think the best place to get the team's attention is via their issue tracker or via #docs-rs on the official Discord server. I've posted a link to this thread on the latter.

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