Please help with a survey on syntax


Here is a survey on syntax proposals for Rust. Please help by answering if you have the time. Please also do not spread the survey.

For those of you who know what the survey is about, also do not post what it is about as that would bias the sample.

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One bit of feedback, you may want to use higher resolution pictures. At least on my display the following picture looks like it says:

&& let A(x) - foo()
&& let B(y) - bar()


But I assume you meant = not -.



This is alll true =) Google scaled down my images :frowning:

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Hi, I can’t and don’t and won’t have a google account, but this interests me a lot, so I would like to post my answer:

Using && for conjunction and EXPR is PATTERN

There is one problem here though, it looks like you compare apples and pears. I suppose the survey holds on the idea that all the examples do the same, but && can easily become ||, but what does the comma mean, AND or OR? What about bitwise operators?



Indentation for local scope.


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