Package schemes and package namespaces

Package schemes: Supporting packages with one-level schemes could help organize the ecosystem a bit. It also allows to forbid conflicts when working with different platforms; for example, the navigator (web), Adobe AIR (air), system, embedded chips and others. The lang scheme would mean platform agnostic.

Package namespaces: The existing RFC for packages as optional namespaces could allow for subnamespaces. For example, com::author::library, com::business::product.

Here is a draft example of these ideas for a Java-Rust hybrid language I've just noted:

The package manager uses platform-schemed dependencies.
For example, here would be the manifest of a gaming
application made with Adobe AIR ("air" scheme):
    "name": "",
    "scheme": "air"
    "dependencies": {
        "lang:color": "1.0.0",
        "": "1.0.0"

Platform-agnostic packages use the "lang" scheme.

What advantage does this provide over the status quo?

Semantically nothing of useful, however it improves the readability, lol?

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