Packages as namespaces

Namespaced-crates are more solely for clarity as they give an idea of what owns a crate, but still interesting. So reviving this proposal:

I think it fits well because core-crates like amethyst contain re-exports of things like amethyst/ui (accessed as amethyst::ui or amethyst_ui). Also it tries to not break compatibility (it says slashes are ambiguous to feature specifiers, but I never played too much with features in Cargo yet) and doesn't use different entities as namespaces (like user or organization).

The RFC also mentions possible adoption of @. But to me it'd be confusing since the proposal differs from NPM packages where namespaces are users or organizations.

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What exactly are you "reviving"? The RFC is already posted and is still open.

It's open at GitHub, but closed here due to inactivity.

People seem to do this often, so I thought it'd be no problem?

Then why not discuss it on GitHub? That's where it's active.

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