Organizing the rust-memory-model repo

I’ve been trying to organize the rust-memory-model repo a bit. Here is the scheme I attempted:

  • Right now, all the activity is in the issues, not the files themselves. Issues are basically being used to catalog interesting models, code-examples, optimizations, and collect conversation on that topic.
    • I plan to move the examples out of the files in the repo and into issues; some of them are already covered
  • K-tags indicate the “kind” of an issue:
    • K-code-example – some code or a pattern that may be legal or not
    • K-optimization – something the compiler would like to be able to do
    • K-model – a proposed model for how to think about whether unsafe code examples are legal or not
    • K-task – something we have to consider whether to do or not
  • T-tags indicate the “team” this most affects:
    • T-lang – this is a rule for the language itself
    • T-libs – this is primarily a library issue

Sound good?


maybe with some form of export into the git repo as a backup so you’re not relying on github issues exclusively forever?

Ultimately, once we’ve decided the answers, the plan is to move the decisions into files in the repository, which should summarize the discussion as well.

I agree that it would be nice to capture GH issue history as well, of course.

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