Feature Request: Add Example Repos to The Book

As a newcomer to Rust, I would really appreciate it if the team were to attach several repos to the documentation so that I could see Rust in action at small, medium, and large scale settings. I feel that doing this would not just help me, but that it would help many future Rustaceans. If you would like an example for what I'm talking about, I would say that the way jQuery did this was excellent. You can see this if you download jQuery's source code. Every line is fully documented.

Some ideas on how this could be implemented include linking to one or several repos that do one of the following:

  1. a web API that simulates fake data such as a random name generator
  2. a cli for getting rid of duplicate data
  3. a search algorithm

anyways, I hope that the rest of you all agree. I believe that this would be very beneficial to our growing community. Thank you!

PS: If you don't like this idea, will you please respond with links to some code repos that are a good example of rust in action?

Rust by Example would be where this content would live. It already contains smaller examples, but the problem in a large example is that large-scale software is often a bad example, because working in a truly large-scale codebase is often more an exercise in dealing with choices of the codebase rather than being more generally applicable to the language in any application.

That's not to say that studying the choices made in large scale case studies isn't useful, just that it's very much not a standardizable resource.

The book very much tries to be a stable, reliable resource. It's had bug reports about updated versions to one of the very, very few crates it uses. I also don't want to have to judge what makes a good project to link to, or receive pull requests from all sorts of projects adding a link to their repo that I then have to judge and argue over whether or not to accept.

I suggest you take a look at Awesome Rust as that is a much more appropriate place for this sort of resource listing real-world projects. For common programming problems and recommended ways to solve them, see the Rust Cookbook. Thank you for understanding.


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