No requirement to import a trait for using an implemented public method from it


I think it’s rather easy to forget to import a trait just to use it for a sake of one or two methods.

Example: is_empty method for Collection trait. If you use a lot of collections in your code, I think it looks confusing if you are required to import one more thing while you even can’t see its name anywhere else in a code.

mod test {
    pub struct MyStruct { field: int }
    pub trait MyTrait {
        fn test_method(&self);
        fn other_method(&self) { } // I want this method to be accessible w/o special import
    impl MyStruct {
        pub fn new() -> MyStruct { MyStruct{field: 5} }
    impl MyTrait for MyStruct { 
        fn test_method(&self) { }

fn main() {
    use test::MyTrait; // this is required to see other_method now

    let test_struct = test::MyStruct::new();

Another example (may be not so Rust-y, but anyway) is chainable methods implemented in a trait (or a number of traits) to use in several structs—if you are required to import a trait (or even traits) to use some part of them, doesn’t it looks inconvenient?


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