Niko's availability over July and August

Dear Rust community,

I’m going to be traveling in Greece over the next month or so and I wanted to post up my availability. I do plan to work 4 day weeks for some of the time while I am there (probably Mon - Thu). On those weeks, I’ll be working from around 14:00 Greek time (UTC + 3) until around 22:00. If I did my math right, that is 4am to noon in California.

July 9 - July 13 : Vacation, limited availability.

July 16 - July 19 : Working.

July 23 - July 27 : Working.

July 30 - Aug 3 : Vacation, limited availability.

Aug 6 - Aug 10 : Normal working hours, Boston time.

Aug 13 - Aug 17 : RustConf! (PS, if you’re around in that week and like to hack on rustc, ping me)

If you really need me, feel free to send a privmsg over Discord, Zulip, Internals, or IRC (roughly in that order of preference). E-mail is likely to get overlooked). I apologize in advance for any delays in reviews etc.


Niko <3

PS, it feels a bit weird to post this here, but I can’t think of an easier way to reach the folks who are likely to care. =)


Have fun on your vacation Niko! :grin:


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