New project: Rust in Ten Slides


Hey all! At the all-hands, the docs team came up with an interesting idea for some docs Rust doesn’t currently have. At Rustbridge events, we teach Rust with, a really short presentation that gets them enough knowledge to get going.

I thought to myself, what if we could do this, but a bunch of them! On all kinds of topics. Ten slides are easy to write, and easy to read: there’s only ten of them!

I’m going to start tossing some together; I’ve already done two this morning. I’d love for people to pitch in, on whatever topic they’d like! These first two are beginner ones, but I think it works well for more advanced stuff as well.



That is exactly how is structured and intended to be used, and already translated to German and partially to Spanish. It’s less text-heavy (as it assumes an experienced presenter) and could use a little brushup here and there, but it has a lot of machinery in place.



I kinda fair that people kinda overuse the term “slide” here. A kinda strict definition would be “no more then 5 lines, 5 words each”, which of course may be too strict for code samples and some explanations that don’t require an additional audio line. But, the example that @steveklabnik started seems to overload the slides heavily.



That’s totally fair; they’re a bit word-heavy since there isn’t a person presenting them.

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Great resource! I can see them being extremely useful for beginners. Just a small note on the title rust in ten slide, I might be wrong, but won’t it be ten slides of rust ? :wink: :smile:

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