Migration of all the rust-lang repositories over to travis-ci.com

Hello everyone.

In the next few days the infrastructure team is going to migrate all the repositories of the rust-lang, rust-lang-nursery and rust-lang-deprecated organizations from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com. There should be close to no disruption to the day to day activity of the other teams, and the only visible changes we know of are the following:

  • rust-lang/rust: we will need to treeclose the repository for a few minutes while we migrate everything
  • rust-lang/rust: the bot that posts snippets of the logs once a CI job fails might not be available for a few hours after the migration, but we’re trying to avoid this!
  • rust-lang/crates.io: the repository will start using @bors instead of bors-ng
  • Existing build caches will be removed, and they will be rebuilt on the next build
  • Old logs will be on travis-ci.org, new logs will be on travis-ci.com
  • Badges on the READMEs might be out of date, we will update them to point to travis-ci.com in the future

We already tested the migration process on our personal accounts and on a few repos on the orgs, and we’re pretty confident there will be no big problems after the migration (edit: yeah, talking about that…). Please let us know ASAP if you see something weird. You can find the infra team on the #infra channel on Discord.

Thanks, and sorry for the small disruption.


  • Why this change? GitHub is deprecating the legacy services integration on January 31st, and that’s also the date when public repositories will be migrated from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com, according to our chats with Travis CI. Since we have a lot of tooling around CI, they granted us the ability to migrate at our own pace earlier.
  • What about repositories on our private accounts? The migration API we’re using right now is restricted to beta testers at the moment, and we don’t have any information from Travis CI on when it will be available to the general public. If you manage another big OSS organization we recommend you to ask Travis Support about the migration.
  • Did you build custom tooling we can use? Yes! We created the travis-migrate tool to automate most of the migration steps, and we hope you’ll find it useful. Please note all the accounts/organizations you want to run it on needs to be whitelisted by Travis Support before you can actually run the tool.

We successfully migrated all the repositories except rustc to travis-ci.com, and we expect to migrate rustc tomorrow. We will need to treeclose.


We noticed (thanks @phansch) that macOS builders don’t work anymore on repos of the rust-lang org on travis-ci.com, and we contacted Travis CI asking for a fix. Repositories still on travis-ci.org (like rust-lang/rust) and the ones on the nursery are working fine.

Nice work!

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Ok, the macOS issue seems to be fixed.

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And everything is now migrated to travis-ci.com. :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:
Some bots (like the log analyzer) might be offline for a while until we update them to point at the new Travis API.


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