Just posted something, "system" removed my quote

I just posted a reply on a topic where I quoted the post I was replying to. Then I found out that user "system" removed the quote without asking or even confirming, which meant in turn that I needed to add the quote again.

Is this a bug, or intentional behavior? If it's the latter, at least make the setting alterable. It is highly undesirable for a piece of non-intelligent software to unilaterally change posts in any topic.

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Is this not a standard "feature" of discourse forums? If you quote an entire post and the post is directly above yours then it automatically removes the quote. At least I think all discourse forums work this way. I guess they consider the quote to be redundant?

edit: huh, I expected it to delete the quote.

I had this happen once, too. I added the quote again. I don’t think that this feature necessarily does more good than bad, so I wouldn’t mind it being disabled, if possible.

Please don’t mind, testing replying to the original post without quotation.

Edit: Judging by the fact that this doesn’t indicate being a reply in the corned, maybe replying to the original post in a topic doesn’t even work and just does the same as adding a new post at the bottom of the topic…

Edit2: TIL:


A site admin can disable it.


Another point: AFAIR, Discourse already doesn’t really indicate if a post is a reply to the preceding post or to the original topic. Also prohibiting the use of quotation to re-establish clearly that you’re in fact replying to the preceding post seems a bit overkill.

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If it's an explicit reply (like this one) then the avatar of the author of the post should be displayed in the upper-right corner. But that's way too subtle if you ask me. Hence, I add the quote I'm replying to, to avoid any potential for misunderstanding.

(This post is also intended as a test for the avatar showing up, as detailed in the paragraph above. EDIT: didn't work here. So I'm not sure what other subtleties are involved.)

This seems fine to disable.

I've looked for the remove full quote setting in the admin section of the site, but I don't see it anywhere. Maybe I don't have access? @mbrubeck any ideas?

If you quote something from a post you reply to, then the reply indicator is removed as-well.

This is a reply to my preceding reply, you don’t see any indicator here.

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Another reply to the same post, but not immediately succeeding it, so you’ll see the indicator.

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I always found that not having the indicator for a preceding reply very confusing. Because it looks like just a general reply to the whole post not to a specific post.


Is it possible to turn that option on? Or is that not something that discorse supports?

I have toggled that option. Let's see how it goes.


Has that also been done for urlo? I mean it's the exact same user experience, given the same settings, and so similar reasoning applies there I think.

Yeah, I'll toggle it on URLO now. I just wanted to try it out here first for a little while, to make sure it doesn't feel too distracting in large threads. (It does add a bit of clutter, but I don't think it'll be a problem once people have a little time to adapt to the change.)

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