IPv6 reachability of rust websites

Currently, the ipv6 reachability of websites operated by the rust team is pretty bad.

Sites with ipv6 support

  • internals.rust-lang.org
  • users.rust-lang.org

Sites without IPv6 support

  • crates.io; probably the most important rust related site
  • static.rust-lang.org
  • rust-lang.org
  • rustup.rs

These are just the sites that I can recall, but there are probably many more.

I’m not listing docs.rs here because its maintained by the community. But, that site does have ipv6.

I know that a large part if not all of those sites are hosted on amazon’s cloud. It seems they support ipv6 since August this year: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/now-available-ipv6-support-for-amazon-s3/


anecdote: most of the internet troubles at rust belt rust would have gone unnoticed if ipv6 would have worked for the mentioned sites that don’t have ipv6 support.


Thanks for the post! Always good to check up on these sorts of things :slight_smile:

I’ve enabled IPv6 for the CloudFront distributions of static.rust-lang.org and www.rust-lang.org (note that rust-lang.org is a DNS-provider-redirect and may not be ipv6 yet).

Unfortunately Heroku, where crates.io is hosted, does not have IPv6 support yet. Additionally, rustup.rs along with domains like doc.rust-lang.org are hosted directly on EC2 which unfortunately doesn’t have direct IPv6 access either.


Thanks for enabling ipv6 at those two places! That’s a good start.

@alexcrichton apparently, IPV6 support has arrived for EC2: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/new-ipv6-support-for-ec2-instances-in-virtual-private-clouds/

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Unfortunately all our instances are in “EC2 Classic” and not in a VPC, so I don’t think that feature is available to us yet :frowning:

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