Impl Step for Ipv{4,6}Addr

I think it would be useful if you want to iterate over IP ranges, like nmap. I think it ca be implemented by delegating to <u32 as Step> (<u128 as Step> respectively). I've written a draft here: Rust Playground. The implementation in std/core would obviously not need a newtype.

See also Pre-RFC: Implementing Add, Sub, BitAnd, BitOr for IpAddr, Ipv4Addr, Ipv6Addr and Pre-RFC: Bitwise Operations for IpAddr, Ipv4Addr, Ipv6Addr

Motivation: ThreadPool Loop w/ std::net TCP Connections Timing Out? - help - The Rust Programming Language Forum

The first step (: to getting that would be an ACP: Feature lifecycle - Standard library developers Guide

This is already implemented in 1.74. Rust Playground


Awesome, thanks.