Idea: feature support protocol



I apologize proactively: if this is not the right place for submitting RFC ideas. In that case, I would appreciate to be “re-routed” to alternate forums where this approach would be more legitimate.

Here is a first trial: I thought that it could make sense (if not already done) to design a protocol which would allow “actors” (e.g. device, user, etc…) to request/reply/warn about the supported/unsupported features of a given RFC. Moreover informations could be exchanged regarding topics like:

  • Availability (like the where the feature is or will be supported
  • Certification (and certification authority)
  • Fallback strategies
  • Related RFCs (from a “RFC semantic network”)
  • etc…

Best Regards Michel Kern


What kind of protocol? Do you mean a trait? Is this a Rust language or library feature you are asking about, or something else?


Ohh, I realize that I’m in the wrong place in fact. I forgot that rust is a prog. lang. and as such as it own subset of RFCs. I wanted to submit an id for an RFC protocol “at global scope” Thanks for your quick answer and sorry for the inconvenience

Best Regards Michel Kern