Rust RFCs are great. We are trying to democratizing it

Hello there... I am here to talk about RFC process and specially looking for its maintainers from whom, their experience for developing a enhancement proposal procedure generalized for variety of cases can be modeled. Simply what works and what doesn't in their case in maintaining enhancement proposals could be helpful. Thinking and replying - What design decisions were most helpful? and what led to unexpected results? could be initiating discussion I am here to document other's experience. So we at (OF) can embark on other's successful footsteps and can avoid failures for creating OFEP. We are also collecting, reviewing and continuously researching on some other projects which are also maintaining well structured EPs. Since mostly involved in research phase of it, we would highly welcome the ideas which you feel should have made the process much better.

Simply state the need - you have been missing/ or is boring/ or consumes time and energy but could be implemented better. It's mostly being wishful about a most ideal process and then we will look into it based on their pros / cons / possibility / urgency or added-value by that thing.

Thanks for your help and engagement

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