How to Panic in Rust

What exactly happens when you panic!() ? I recently spent a lot of time looking at the parts of the standard library concerned with this, and it turns out the answer is quite complicated! I have not been able to find docs explaining the high-level picture of panicking in Rust, so this feels worth writing down.

I'd love to put this overview somewhere more permanently than a blog post, any suggestions for what would be a good place? I first through of the rustc guide but that is concerned with rustc, not libstd.


@RalfJung: Looks like we raced to write this explanation :smile: :


Oh lol, sorry for that.^^ I felt the urge yesterday to write down this stuff, seems like it would have been a more productive use of my time to review your PR instead. :confused:

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Personally, I think your two contributions are complementary, so thank you both.