How often is `beta` released to rustup?

I know this: In each release cycle, the beta channel is branched off from master (≈ nightly), then collects backports to fix known bugs before it becomes stable.

I don't know this: How quickly after a given backport can I expect rustup update beta to show the fix? Is it the same release schedule as nightly, or is it manual? (And while we're at it, when in the day is the nightly channel cut and published?)

Is any of this documented somewhere? talks about various manual operations related to releases but not the automated operations. (In the case that prompted this, I know the patch I was looking for was “last-minute” included in stable, but I'm wondering what to expect in the future.)

Every single night at UTC midnight, as long as there have been commits on the beta branch of rust-lang/rust since the previous night.


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