Help with technical review for a book on Rust performance

I am writing a book on low level Rust performance with Packt, and would like to get some experienced volunteers to review the content. If you have a track record in GCC, LLVM or proprietary codegen, drop me a line.

The book is illustrated with examples from Godbolt showing code generation, layout and multi-temperature benchmarks.

It would also be nice to fix the issues I currently have with Rust codegen, libraries and benchmarking without starting a flame war.

I'm not volunteering (nor qualified to do so), but I have one minor recommendation: if this is going into print, to be clear whether you mean "from Matt Godbolt" or "using Matt Godbolt's Compiler Explorer at". (Many don't know that Godbolt is a person's name. I was one of them once.)


Indeed! Matt has the curious nature of becoming a verb.

I shall make this clear.

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