Help wanted to debug a segfault in a standard library test on Android


In the last 4 months, the liballoc test suite on the Android CI experienced occasional segmentation fault (signal 11), causing bors to bail out spuriously. This is tracked as issue #55861.

So far this is one of the most frequent unsolved spurious failure in 2019, and is happening once every three days on average (14 counts up to today).

We have yet no idea which of the liballoc tests causes the segfault. There is no core dump to inspect the stack trace. We’re reluctant to disable the entire liballoc test on Android even if it’s a Tier-2 platform, as a segfault indicates there’s really a memory safety bug hidden somewhere (the standard library or Android itself).

We’d like help from anyone who has idea on debugging or fixing this issue. Thanks!

— The Rust Infrastructure Team