[Feature Request] Reexport type `()`

If we can do pub use u8 as GameState, pub use () as GameState should also be okay.

I didn't know you could do that with u8, but I think the grammar is pretty firm that () is not a valid path for use. You should be able to write pub type GameState = (); for the same effect though.


i think it would be nice to allow use () as X but it is a bit weird to allow use () as X but not stuff like use ((),) as X though. The issue with type GameState = (); is that it doesn't add an alias for () to the value namespace, e.g. consider

struct Unit;

use Unit as GameState1;
type GameState2 = Unit;

fn main() {
    let _ = GameState1;
    let _ = GameState2; // error[E0423]: expected value, found type alias `GameState2`
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Also, if you need both type and value, consider doing this:

pub type GameState = ();
pub const GameState: GameState = ();

(you may need to silence a warning about style, if you really want this)


Ok, but you don't get a value with use u8 either.

u8 isn't a value, though. If you use UnitStruct you get the value as well.


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