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my name is Ed Wassermann. I offered @steveklabnik my help with the design of Steve told me you could need an extra hand and invited me to introduce myself here : )

My recent project is a code / design podcast called “Between | Screens” that aims to produce short technical episodes from interviews with professionals which include beginners in the conversation as well.

Podcast: Blog:

I designed and built it myself using mainly Sinatra, CoffeeScript, Jekyll and Sass. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance and how I can make myself useful :smile:

Cargo looks very cool and I would feel very lucky to be able to work on it with you.

Have a nice day,





The website’s source is hosted here:

There’s a few issues open already:




I’ve played with the design for a “Cargo” logo… Should I post it here on the forum, send it to someone specific or is there already one commissioned? How does this work here? :blush:

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