Current state of rustdoc and cargo?

I'm interested in getting cargo doc to generate infopages, which would be a nice format for local storage and consumption, without the overhead of launching an entire Web browser. I looked into this a couple of years ago, prior to the "Rustdoc Redux" announcement. That effort seems to have come and gone; are there any others like it which it would be worth knowing about before diving into librustdoc in the main Rust tree?

Background I'm aware of: historically, you had to jump through some hoops to test changes to the behavior of cargo doc. There was an attempt to make it easier to hack on doc generation, but seems no longer to be under development.

Is this about right? Does this mean that any hacking on rustdoc should be done in librustdoc for the foreseeable future?

Yep, pretty much gotta be in librustdoc.

Thanks! Did any ideas from doxidize make it into librustdoc? It looks like librustdoc has a lot to gain in terms of bending away from hard-coded inline HTML.

I don't think so, but I also personally stopped working on rustdoc long ago.