Crater changelog


This topic contains the changelog of Crater, our tool to run experiments across parts of the Rust ecosystem. You can subscribe to it if you want to be notified when something changes.

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Crater is now testing 23k new GitHub repositories, going from 21k tested projects to 44k! This will increase coverage, but also the execution time for Crater runs.

Pull request - GitHub repositories scraper


Is there anywhere we can find the crater reports?


There is not an UI for that, but you can see all the places where craterbot was invoked with a GitHub search query.

PS: let’s try keeping this thread only for the changelog! If you want to ask questions/leave feedback there is the Crater channel on Discord.


Craterbot will now post a link to the queue and the experiment’s details when a new experiment is created! Thanks to xd009642 for implementing this feature!

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Network access is now disabled while building and testing crates, to prevent abuse from malicious crates (nothing ever happened yet, but better be safe than sorry). Thanks to AndrewSpeed for implementing this feature!

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When you create multiple experiments on the same PR, Crater will now automatically generate names for all of them (like pr-123, pr-123-1, pr-123-2…). Thanks to @iox for implementing this feature!

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Crater will now automatically detect timeouts and OOMs, showing them in a new spurious failures category when they cause a regression!

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Crater now has support to run cargo doc runs! You can start one with:

@craterbot run start=stable end=beta mode=rustdoc

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Crater will now post the regressions count in the GitHub comment when a run finishes! Thanks to @Zeegomo for implementing this feature!

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