Cargobomb report: stable v. nightly 2017-02-03


Hey. I’ve got this new tool cargobomb for mass testing crates. Like crater, but more reliable, and it runs the full test suite of everything. Anyway, it barely works, and the code is horrific, just terrible please don’t look at it, but it gets results, and I’ve been running it. And I’m falling behind on analyzing its output so I’m going to start posting reports here.

This compares stable to nightly on 2017-02-03. Unfortunately the reports don’t capture the toolchain version, so I can’t say exactly which this was.


Oh, the way to use it is to click the red button to show all the regressions, then click the right column link to see the logs.


I’ve triaged through ‘mac’ so far


FYI I suspect this test run is from before the latest release branch, so it’s 1.14 vs. 1.16 nightly. I am reproducing locally before reporting bugs. And a have new runs in progress.


Triaged in full. Notes:


This is good stuff, thank you :slight_smile: