Changing the default branch from `master` to `main`?

The default branch of rustc is master, which has historically been the default default branch name for git. Last year lots of projects changed their default branch name to main to avoid exclusionary implications and GitHub announced it would be the new default branch name. Has there been any discussion about making this change for the organization? I wasn't able to find anything here or issues on the main repo but I might have missed a thread here or elsewhere.


I guess e.g. here


Thanks! I knew I forgot to check somewhere. It seems that the last core team statement indicated a wait and see approach. @Manishearth, since you replied to that urlo thread, do you think an RFC would be welcomed if someone wrote one? The migration story is much clearer than last june: GitHub - github/renaming: Guidance for changing the default branch name for GitHub repositories.

Thank you for the reminder! I've just changed the book's default branch to main.

I was a little concerned because the book is a submodule of rust-lang/rust. @ehuss uses a script to handle submodule updates, and I think we have it sorted. It should no longer be an issue for repos that are submodules of rust-lang/rust as far as I know.


@anp Thanks for reminding me!

We’re currently waiting on Cargo side support for git deps defaulting to HEAD to settle (it's currently in flux due to bugs) before doing a wider push across the Rust project, but individual projects are free to do this if it’s easy and they’re never used as cargo git deps. I believe rustfmt is already planning to do this.

I personally do not think an RFC is necessary.


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